Carbon Zap Range of Products

Carbon Zap Range Of Products

Carbon Zapp, Automotive Injection Service Solutions, was established in 1989 in Athens, Greece by Bill Pantazis. Starting with a small network of suppliers and engineers, and the great need to reduce emissions
produced by vehicles due to stringent environmental regulations worldwide, he started manufacturing
equipment to clean the internal combustion engines with the use of treatment detergents. In 1991, a team of engineers designed and developed the first machines for gasoline fuel injectors, using test benches and cleaning by means of ultrasonics. During the year 2001, these machines had already been through four generations of development and upgraded for gasoline Direct Injection systems making them the most advanced machines in the world wide market. Starting in 2002, and while leading the gasoline sector in fuel injection testing and cleaning equipment, Carbon Zapp entered strongly in the Diesel
world providing compact, standalone, economic and unique servicing and testing solutions. Five years later, the company has presented innovative testing capabilities, such as multiple injections and metering
methods not offered yet by OEM. The fast growth in common rail technology within the last years has intrigued Carbon Zapp to become more competitive and gain its position in this market.